Albert Brown
Albert began his career in beauty on his first wedding anniversary with his wife Carolyn in 1961.  Assisting his cousin who was already a stylist, he realized his gift and was encouraged to go to beauty school to explore his talent.  Already attending Loyola Business School, he decided to pursue both fields and upon completion of both dove into the world of styling.  His first job was at the Playboy Club in the French Quarter being the Bunnies full time hairdresser.  He enjoyed the liveliness and loved working with all the girls and bunny mothers. 

He opened his first salon, Bridge to Beauty close by to accommodate his bunnies and the fabulous women of the French Quarter.  It was the place to go before a long night of business or pleasure.

Albert broaden his horizons by expanding his gift into film and played a major role in building the Louisiana film industry.  He helped to cultivate a talented pool of film creative and formed the local chapter of the union for film makeup and hairstyling.  In 1964, renowned photographer Diane Arbus approached Albert to style the great Judy Young for her photograph "Lady Bartender with a Souvenir Dog" who was featured in the book, "Aperture Monograph".

In the 1970's Albert moved his location to Uptown New Orleans and being a successful business owner has employed and mentored numerous hairstylists over the years.  He's always kept his salons a family owned business since family has always been such a instrumental influence.  

Albert has grown a reputation in New Orleans for creating beautiful, unique hairstyles for over 50 years.  He has been sought out by many brides and debutantes to do styling for their special day  and reflects their inner beauty. more..



Redefining Beauty Since 1962